20 April 2018

Colony invites artists to express their creativity in exchange for free membership... Closing date for submissions: 15th May

Open Call to all Artists, Illustrators, Designers & Creative Wall Adorners!

We're consistently amazed and inspired by the restless creativity to be found beneath these Northern skies. The artists, illustrators, designers, photographers, writers, animators, painters, musicians, poets, entrepreneurs and free thinkers are what inspired us to set up Colony in the first place; A space for Thinkers, Doers, Creators, 24—7.

As our network continues to grow, we are now expanding our coworking offering into new parts of Jactin House, to include both shared and private studio space. We are inviting the creative community to make their mark within this historic building, as we look to adorn the walls with imprints of local creativity and inspiration. We are offering free membership to those who's designs are selected and implemented.

If you would like to apply your designs to any (or all) of the white walls listed below, we want to hear from you! The winner will receive a free 3 month membership at Colony.

The designs can be text or image based, or both, in whichever media you choose.

If These Walls Could Talk.

Let's meet the walls in question:

1. The Fireplace:

This break-out area in the business lounge is receiving a Colony fit out over the next few weeks and your design could provide an inspirational focal point in a vital area of the work-space.

2. The Big One:

- for those of you who like to work on a larger canvas, here is the back wall providing a backdrop to the break out area, it is also the thoroughfare to the new shared studio space at Colony.

3. Colony Entrance:

Above the door to Colony is a pocket of white wall-space just waiting for you....

If you would like to get creative with any (or all) of the above walls, simply let us know.

You can send initial visions/ideas/sketches/mock-ups to info@colonyco.work, or if you would like to arrange a visit so you can assess the wall-space and environment, get in touch and we will gladly arrange.

Last submission date: 15th May 2018

Good luck!


0161 974 3210



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