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Friday Spotify Takeover – 12/04/19

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12 April 2019

We spoke to Craig Taylor from Seven White Pixels about Stormzy, Rammestein and User Interfaces for Applications.

Craig Taylor from Seven White Pixels talks Stormzy, Rammestein and User Interfaces for Applications. His playlist starts from 3pm today at Colony Piccadilly! ---- You can follow it here

Craig, thanks for taking over the decks today. What kind of vibes should we expect from your setlist?

It's actually pretty toned down for me, Friday's sometimes involve experimental black metal.
I've also got a pretty diverse taste in music, I'm not a genre specific kind of person. We're starting with workspace appropriate rock, back to back tracks of chill, a sprinkle of more dancey tracks and finishing off with wind down tracks. I guess some people want to get pumped for the weekend, I want to go home and sleep…

Workspace appropriate rock…new festival idea perhaps? Speaking of, what’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Pretty big question, so many good ones. It's a tie between a ridiculous Rammestein gig with truckloads of pyro, or seeing Metallica perform Master of Puppets in its entirety at Leeds.

Wow, heavy. Out of all the colony members, who do you think will resonate most/least with your playlist?

I liked Chloe's (@redwmustard) playlist the other week, hopefully there is stuff on there she likes. I've put Stormzy on there for Felix. (@felixmooneeram)

Good to see our resident photographer is being looked after. What is it that you do at Colony then?

I'm a remote software contractor, I work closely with Front End Phil (@frontendphil), he makes lovely flash User Interfaces for Applications, I make them actually work.

And finally - if you had to describe your professional life so far with a lyric, what would it be?

About my professional life ... okay.

"And if I get drunk well, I'll pass out,
On the floor now baby,
You won't bother me no more"

Beer - Reel Big Fish

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