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Colony Co-Working – Down Arrow

Thursday 9th November

11:30am - 12pm

Silk Street

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Prevent The Preventable: Managing your Blood Pressure

The Natalie Kate Moss Trust is on a mission to empower you to understand how to prevent lifestyle related brain haemorrhages from occurring, whilst generating funds to support ground breaking research at the University of Manchester to treat them when they do.

Unfortunately, brain haemorrhages are far too common with only 3 out of 5 people surviving one month after experiencing one, resulting in 3 million deaths a year. These frightening statistics show just how vital it is to find better treatment after a brain haemorrhage but more importantly why we need to PREVENT them from happening in the first place.

High blood pressure is the leading cause of lifestyle related brain haemorrhages but unfortunately on average a 1/3 of people have high blood pressure, with 50% of those people undiagnosed, leaving a significant number of people at risk of having a brain haemorrhage.

Therefore in this seminar we will support you to better understand your blood pressure, how to check it and thereafter manage it and ultimately 'Prevent the Preventable'.

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