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Wednesday 13th March



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As an employer, navigating medical capability cases within the workplace is crucial for fostering a healthy, productive environment for your team. Join us for an insightful seminar where we'll delve into the essential steps and considerations in effectively managing these cases.

• Understanding the Process: Learn the step-by-step approach in handling medical capability cases.
• Welfare Meetings: Discover best practices for conducting welfare meetings with employees.
• Occupational Health Involvement: Gain insights into the role of occupational health in managing medical cases.
• Reasonable Adjustments: Explore strategies for implementing reasonable adjustments in the workplace.
• Addressing Mental Health Issues: Understand how to approach and support employees dealing with mental health challenges.

This seminar is a must-attend for HR professionals, managers, and anyone involved in employee well-being and productivity.

Secure your spot now and empower your team with the knowledge and tools to effectively manage medical capability cases in the workplace!

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