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Tuesday 21st May



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Join us at Colony Fabrica for an interactive marketing workshop to help you get answers to your marketing questions and help drive your business forward.

This intensive 1 hour interactive workshop is designed for participants to analyse and enhance their marketing strategies for growth and optimization. It involves three phases:

Discover: The first phase involves examining the successful aspects of your current marketing strategy, analysing profitable customer segments, high-return products or services, user behaviours, and the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts.

Reimagine: The second phase encourages creative rethinking of your marketing approach to better align with customer needs, improve market offers, and strengthen brand messaging.

Accelerate: The final phase focuses on implementing the refined strategies to drive business growth, monitor performance, tailor marketing campaigns, and establish new habitual strategies for sustained marketing efforts.

Expert Insights: Marketing experts share their knowledge, offering practical advice, industry secrets, and strategic guidance.

Actionable Takeaways: The workshop aims to provide practical strategies and clear directions to overcome marketing challenges, ensuring participants leave ready to apply what they've learned to their businesses.

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