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21 February 2022

For this member spotlight we sat down with Anna Baker in her private studio space to learn about how her skincare business is was launched and why she chose to set up here at Colony Jactin House.

“Self-care means different things to different people but to me, it is an insight into how the pandemic has affected everyone individually.”

Since March 2020, the concept of self-care and well-being has consisted of manifesting, self-reflection, physical exercise, connecting with other people (virtually and then finally physically) and most importantly an intensive skincare routine. If, like me, you fell victim to numerous targeted ads on products to ‘getting the best post-lockdown glow’ then I imagine you also have at least a 5-step daily skincare routine that was birthed in the midst of the lockdown.

We wanted to speak with our very own Colony member, aesthetic nurse and qualified trainer Anna Baker to get underneath how the well-being boom has made an impact in her work and how the pandemic has seen a rise in certain treatments.

“What I have brought to the table here at Colony is an extension of what I have been doing down in the South East for some time. I came back to Manchester after living here previously for 10 years between 2000 to 2010 to a great and receptive environment and felt inspired in terms of the treatments that I am offering and the new technologies and skin care ranges as well.”

Anna trains medical practitioners bringing them up to date with emerging skincare treatments, procedures and the theoretical training of understanding in and around the skin. “With regards to the current training roles I run now, they are far more cosmetically and dermatology focused around certain injectable procedures treating the quality and the condition of the skin and issues around poor skin laxity and quality. I also provide training in different types of skin treatment for acne and rosacea.”

As more people spent time at home, this gave up more time for people to invest in skincare routines, greater online access to expert advice and an ever-growing range of innovative products consistently promoted on every app, it is no wonder the UK women’s skincare industry grew to hit £1.9bn in 2020 according to Mintel data.

“I think there is a greater interest now since the pandemic in terms of people being far more interested in certain ingredients and ways they can manage their skin remotely and I think what has happened is because we haven’t been able to welcome patients in practice and in clinics, they have been forced to look at ways they can maintain clinical results at home.

“I think certain ingredients that will continue to be really popular are Retinol, Vitamin B3 which is nice, Glycolic, lots of chemical exfoliating ingredients that are very powerful and anti-ageing.

“Skincare can be a minefield. We have got social media influencers, it is an industry worth billions in terms of its marketing potential. There are a lot of mixed messages that come through to the consumer so the key is to cut through all of that narrative and keep it really simple.

“We can customise very individual packages depending on what the person needs that consist of a good quality multi-tasking cleanser that does more than just keep the skin clean. “You need one product that can give the skin good levels of protection and can act as a moisturiser. Then, we need to think of protecting the skin from all the different insults whether that is pollution, different wavelengths, different UVA / UVB rays from sunlight or normal ambient light.

“We can be looking at a regime of those three core components to keep things really simple but very effective.”

For Colony’s well-being initiative, Anna Baker aesthetics will be offering discounted customised skin care packages to all members. This could include trial size selection of samples based on what your skin or body needs as well as heavily discounted courses of Dermalux triwave light treatment which is good for acne, rosacea, has calming benefits, is great for mood and ultimately very relaxing.

We asked Anna why she chose to base her business from Colony Jactin House, “I chose Colony to bring my business here, having looked at other sites across the city, Colony has a very unique offering in terms of beautiful ambience and the way members are made to feel as part of a team. There is a great coworking spirit here and very nice packages.

“Businesses are really encouraged to come together to share experiences, to build themselves to really grow and thrive in this environment. The offering to a Colony member here is very unique and far superior to other spaces that I have looked at.”

Lastly, we spoke about what would be the best recommended treatment to have during your lunch hour. “It has to be the dermalux triwave, this is the world’s most powerful light therapy system. It is very quick to perform, usually between 15-20 minutes and we can customise a particular regime based on the person's concern. There is no downtime from treatment, it feels beautifully relaxing, energises skin cells in order to repair and heal quicker but has a host of other benefits that we can really customise depending on what the customer wants to achieve.”

If you would like to find out more about the treatments Anna Baker aesthetic offers, please email

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