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Finding New Freelance Clients for the Shy & Introverted

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5 April 2019

​A hot topic for freelancers is often how to find new clients. Maybe you’ve been freelancing for a while, or you’re just starting out. One thing’s for sure, everyone struggles with this problem – we’ve all been there! Catherine Heath explores different techniques to help introverted freelancers to find clients in a seemingly extroverted world.

The thing no one likes to talk about

Often a taboo subject, no one wants to actually admit that maybe they’re struggling to find work.

Whether a freelance contract ends, you’re moving into a new area, freelancing for the first time, or dissatisfied with your current clients, finding new clients is not easy – but it’s really important.

And everyone can do it. Unfortunately, many freelancers don’t like the idea of “selling” themselves.

As a marketer, I’m lucky that my profession revolves around knowing how to find new business. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t struggled. The solution to finding clients is different for every freelancer.

Where to find clients

Ultimately, you need to know where your ideal clients hang out, and where they are likely to look for professional information. That’s it.

These days, information is often found online – although in-person networking events can work really well for some people. I’ve met a few clients in-person myself.

The key is not to sell, but to educate your clients through sharing your expertise on topics relating to your services. This positions you as a professional in your niche.

If you do go to events, then don’t view it as “networking”. View your time spent there as talking to new people and looking for positive experiences. You’ll find the conversation naturally turns to what you do for a living. If there’s some rapport and opportunity, you may find yourself with a new client later down the line.

As a freelance writer myself, I have found many clients through LinkedIn, Twitter, cold emailing, pitching, my own blog, guest posting, networking events, referrals, and friends of friends. I’m lucky enough now that I get a steady stream of enquiries.

Much of the time, people find me through the blog posts I have done for other clients.

Don’t lose your confidence

Annoyingly, a lot of finding clients is about confidence – which is often sorely lacking when you’re struggling for clients! But if you don’t believe in your services, then who else will?

Confidence is not the same as overconfidence. Stay humble and genuine! As with most things, make sure to give more than you get.

The key is consistency. People want to see that you’re serious about what you do. Get yourself out there! Show people your work and how good you are, in whatever medium is best for you and your potential clients.

Keep on doing it, even when it’s hard.

Know your limits

No one wants to give a job to the freelancer who will flake in a few months. Proper marketing can go a long way to portraying an accurate and professional image of your business.

Don’t try to be present on every platform, but make sure everything you do put out there is quality and professional.

Finding clients is a huge topic, but you can learn more on freelancer Lizzie Davey’s site Wanderful World.

Photo by Rachel Moenning on Unsplash

To see more of Catherine Heaths' work, please check out her professional site, portfolio and creative website.

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