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Member Spotlight: 'kin - Creative Studio

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8 December 2023

Flint Glass Works recently celebrated it's 1st birthday, so it was only fitting that we sit down with 'kin, the creative agency behind the beauty of our newest Ancoats venue.

In celebration of Flint Glass Works' 1st birthday, we're excited to share insights from 'kin, the dynamic creative studio that played a key role in its inception. As dedicated Colony Members for two years, 'Kin brings a unique blend of commercial interiors, graphic design, and branding expertise.

Who are ‘kin, how long has your company been around for, and what do you do?
'kin is a creative commercial interiors, graphic design and branding studio. We were founded on the belief that the client is more than just a job number, but a part of the team. We’re a mixture of Designers, Strategists, Artists & Creative Thinkers. We have a range of backgrounds routed in commercial interior design, photography and graphic design as well as other creative fields. We’ve been around for 5 years and a Colony Member for 2.

You played a big part in the designing of Flint Glass Works (who recently celebrated their 1stbirthday!) alongside our founders Alex & Aaron, can you explain what parts you worked on?
When we first moved to Colony we were over in The Astley. Alex and Aaron approached us and asked if we would like to collaborate on Colony’s new site at FGW. We really wanted to be part of the new community the guys were creating, and we loved their energy. We designed an interior concept based on the way glass refracts and reflects light. Paying homage to the buildings past as a glass works. Many furniture elements, coffee tables etc feature different coloured and types of glass. Creating an eclectic mix of materials. At the centre of the co-working space is a 2 story piece of artwork by our good friend Voyder. We had worked with him previously on pieces for Dr. Martens HQ in Camden. He’s an incredible artist and we commissioned him to create a steamed mirror image of a girl with his signature ‘Voyder’ tag written in the steamed glass. The result is one we are all really proud of!

How does it feel to now have an office in a space you’ve helped design? Is there a specific part of FGW that is your favourite?
It was a no-brainer to make FGW our home. It already felt part of ‘kin with the many hours we spent here during its making. Bringing clients here and showing them that we live in a space that we designed is HUGE for us. It’s an obvious one, but the artwork by Voyder is our favourite. We spent the weekend here watching it come to life in October 22. Still can’t believe he did it in less than 3 days! It was inspiring to watch.

What are some of the challenges you faced with this project? Are there specific hurdles you had to overcome?
Working in old buildings always come with some challenges. The way they were made is so different to the present day. We enjoyed discovering the little unique details and idiosyncrasies the FGW presented us with. Opening up the space to allow the creation of the artwork was a particular challenge to overcome. Both visually and technically.

You’ve been Members at Colony for a few years now, across a variety of venues. Why did you choose Colony and what makes it special to you and your business?
Simple answer, Colony was a lot cheaper than WeWork at the time! We enjoyed the flexibility of co-working spaces. Colony however actually feels like a genuine community rather than a manufactured one. We really love the people, and have made some lifelong friends.

What has been one of your highlights for 2023?
It definitely has to be having our latest project for Dentons Law Firm in Edinburgh being featured in Dezeen. It’s been on our design bucket list since we started ‘kin!

Finally, what do you see in the future for ‘Kin?
We want to continue to build an amazing design team, working with with bigger brands and clients. Taking on projects internationally would be something we would love to do as well.

At Colony, we love teaming up with our super-talented members – after all, collaboration, creativity, and community are what we're all about. Flint Glass Works is an amazing spot where creatives truly come alive, and every nook of its interior is carefully designed to fit the building's vibe. Shoutout to 'Kin for being an absolute joy to work with – you guys made our collaboration dreams come true!

Would you like to work in the same vibrant, creative workspace as 'kin? Get in touch with us today!

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