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Musclefood's Martin Mcgee - what's on the Spotify menu?

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14 June 2019

We spoke to Musclefood's UX Design Lead about music, eclectic wizardry and how he uses our co-working space.

Martin, what can we expect from your playlist today?

Well, there’s a broad mix of eclectic wizardry with some older tunes from my youth. I also couldn’t resist so found a space for my favourite ever pop tune. It’s a Friday after all, right?

What’s that then?

Not saying. You’ll have to be in the Social Bar to find out. You’ll know when it drops though!

I see. Do you think it will be well received by the Colony community? The playlist that is. Not the obviously brilliant pop song..

Yes, I think so! As far as I’m concerned there's nothing offensive on there. Well, I say that…Alex has put 4 tunes into the mix and they've not been vetted! But there should be something for everyone...hopefully.

What is it that you do at Colony?

I’m the UX Design Lead for Musclefood. We provide people with highly delicious (and really nutritious) meal plans which gives them with a good food base for a healthy lifestyle. We’ve actually come across quite a few of our meals in the Colony fridges, so it’s nice to see our co-workers are into it. We’ve just started out in the Colony workspace to help grow the product and are based in a shared team space, but you’ll often find me working out in the social bar on a Friday afternoon. It’s given me a chance to scout out a fast escape route - just on the off chance no one has a good taste in music.

And finally, if you had to sum up your professional life with a lyric, what would that be?

Firesuite - Doves

(I have since searched for this song and can confirm this is an instrumental. Read into that as you will..)

If you would like to find out what Martin's elusive pop song is you can tune in here -

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