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Spotify Takeover with Jack Yeates - 18th April 2019

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18 April 2019

We discuss yelling at gigs, the playlist's target audience (himself) and composing music for video games.

We spoke to video game music composer Jack Yeates ahead of his Spotify Takeover at Colony Piccadilly.

You can catch his playlist here -

Hey Jack, thanks for taking over our Spotify Decks today! What kind of vibes should we expect from your set?

Despite being a music professional I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to genre names and stuff, so the best I can describe the vibe is that its a bit eclectic, leaning towards funky, synthy and groovy dance/pop tracks. There's also a bit of moody indie electronica and rock thrown in for good measure...It'll make sense when you hear it!

Slightly disappointing that you won't be playing songs off your keyboard for 3 hours but okay. What is it exactly that you do at Colony?

I make music and sound effects for video games, currently working exclusively with an American indie company called Sundae Month. I use my desk at Colony as a composing/producing and editing workstation in tandem with my recording set up at home to create my stuff. It's been a major help in increasing my productivity and dealing with the mental health challenges I faced when working exclusively from home.

Great to hear working in a community has had a positive impact! So out of all the members here, who do you think will resonate most/least with your playlist?

I don't know, actually! I have a mix of things on it so hopefully there'll be plenty of piqued interests among the members, but if I have to answer 100% truthfully... Me. I love everything on it and I made it for myself and I'm going to make you all listen to the music I like and you invited me to do it so it's your own fault.

Fair. I do the music here for the other 37 hours of the week and that's my policy too. What's the best gig you’ve ever been to?

I'm also hopeless at picking favourites so its currently a tie between seeing Janelle Monáe at Academy 1 - the vibe was just SO fun, so celebratory and I got a real good dance on!

St. Vincent at Albert Hall - I absolutely love her music, and it helps that I was on a very successful second date. But even with that aside, seeing her crowdsurf while sitting up and playing the guitar and then clamber across the balcony and slide down some banisters was highly enjoyable!

Oh and Mitski at Gorilla. I am a HUGE fan of Mitski, especially lyrically, and seeing her and her band perform these songs I couldn't help but sing/yell along with my favorites. It was a very cathartic night.

If you had to pick one lyric to describe your professional life so far, what would it be?

Again, this is a real toughie, and all of the lyrics I spend the time learning are quite, uh, let's say melancholic. Perhaps "I work better under a deadline" from "My Body's Made Of Crushed Little Stars," by Mitski, off her incredible album "Puberty 2" which I highly recommend everyone listen to.

Thanks Jack! Can't wait to hear it at 3pm. Next week we've got the guys from Likely Story taking over.

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