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Spotify Takeover with Likely Story - 26th April 2019

Colony Co-Working – Down Arrow

26 April 2019

Dave and Ben from creative agency Likely Story talk us through their work and musical experiences.

We spoke to @LikelyStoryDave and @LikelyStoryBen about their playlist and what it is that they do here at Colony. As a creative agency, we're expecting some interesting tunes from the Likely Story duo (check out their album artwork-esque picture below if you need any reassurance).

If you'd like to tune in then you can do so here -

Hey guys, thanks for taking over the Spotify decks this afternoon! What should we expect from your playlist?

Dave: It’s stuff that I tend to work to, so generally not too heavy or distracting. This means it can all be a bit low-key, so I’ve tried to mix-in a few different styles to hopefully keep it interesting.

Ben: I’ve also tried to stick to music I tend to work too. I sometimes struggle to work to music with a lot of lyrics, so it’s mostly techno or electronic, but I’ve also tried to mix it up a bit.

Very wise. Are there any songs on there that remind you of a particular day/time/experience?

Dave: Every bit of music is evocative to me, to some degree. A lot of it reminds me of starting up Likely Story and our early days in Colony Ancoats, but each piece has some emotional attachment, large or small, positive or negative.

Ben: They all remind me of some kind of experience or emotion, in one way or another. Most of it reminds me of specific people in my life, and times spent with those people.

Speaking of, what's the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Dave: Not sure if a festival is a cheat answer, but All Points East last year in Victoria Park, London, was phenomenal. The line-up was incredible for a one-dayer: The National, War on Drugs, Future Islands, Warpaint, Public Service Broadcasting, all one after the other. Sun was blazing too, it was a perfect day.

Ben: I went to the final gig of Bonobo’s Migration tour. That was fucking amazing! It was at Alexandra Palace and he played with a full orchestra.

Both those answers are very cool, congrats. So what is it that you do at Colony?

Dave: We run Likely Story, a creative agency focused on strategy and delivery. A lot of agencies are great at one or the other, but neither aspect works in isolation; we are able to strategise creative projects, and then call on our partnerships with experts in various fields (such as copywriting, video, illustration, search marketing, PR etc.) to execute our vision. It means a full-service offering, with no weak links, but also with the flexibility and agility that medium/big agencies can’t offer.

Ben: Just to add to what Dave said, generally often find ourselves orchestrating different parts of the projects we work on. Broadly speaking, I handle creative and Dave takes care of strategy, but there’s a lot of cross over and collaboration with other specialists during the progression of a typical project.

And how does co-working support the way you and Ben work?

Dave: Co-Working is ideal for us, not least because it tallies with the flexible nature in which we work. However, it’s also connected us to many of the specialist partners we use which has been vital for us to build those relationships.

Ben: When we started Likely Story, it provided us with a base at a much more affordable price than if we’d have rented our own office. That’s been invaluable to us and it’s massively helped to keep us going during our first few years. Looking at the next few years ahead, it'll provide us with everything we need to grow as a business.

Finally, if you had to describe your professional life so far in a lyric, what would that be?

Dave: "Regrets, I’ve had a few. But then again, too few to mention."

Ben: “Heaven knows I’m miserable now” … joking, of course.

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