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Spotify Takeover with Partisan 3rd May 2019

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3 May 2019

We speak to William Seabrook from Partisan!

We've got William Seakbrook from Partisan taking over the decks today. If you'd like to join us you can listen in here.

What should we expect from your playlist? You used to DJ a fair bit, will you be reliving the old sets?

A jumble sale. There’ll be a few guilty pleasures, some classics, and hopefully a hidden gem or two.

What is it that you do at Colony? And who’s that guy you sit next to?

I’m one of the founder’s of Partisan, branding agency designed for the built environment. The guy you’re talking about I think is called Dan. He’s the other founder of Partisan. I'm more of a chat bag, and Dan is probably better company.

Could you talk us through the morning events you’ve been holding?

Yeah. EightyTwenty is a series of roundtable events for leaders within the built environment. So investors, developers, architects, engineers etc. We wanted to create a private roundtable where leaders can talk about the things that are important to them and their work, plus the direction Manchester is taking as a city. It’s ace.

Any other event ideas for the future?

Yep. We’re going to be hosting a monthly event in Colony to bring the EightyTwenty tribe together. Basically we’re trying to use as many of the spaces within Colony as possible!

And finally – if you had to describe your professional life in a lyric, what would that be?

Dearly beloved

We are gathered here today

To get through this thing called life...


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