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Members Spotlight: eBay - Andy Gray

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11 June 2024

In this month's Member Spotlight we sat down with Andy Gray, director in eBay's Web3 team and new Colony Member! Andy has been spearheading web3 innovation since the early days of crypto and we were thrilled to learn about his business journey so far and eBay's expansion in Manchester.

We are thrilled to share this spotlight with eBay, one of the most well known global online marketplaces, who have recently joined us as Colony Members in Manchester. Andy Gray, co-founder of NFT marketplace, KnownOrigin, has grown his cutting edge Web3 business here in Manchester, and after being acquired by eBay the team needed a flexible workspace that could support their ambitious growth plans.

We sat down with Andy to learn more about his business, Web3 and where he sees the future of online marketplaces taking us.

Hey Andy! Can you tell us a bit about your business journey - from KnownOrigins to joining eBay?

In 2017 the KnownOrigin founders started to get interested in blockchain technology after starting the Blockchain Manchester community meet-up. We decided to take on the art industry to solve the provenance problem. We built a platform to allow creators and collectors to buy and trade digital art.

We launched this venture in Ancoats via a pop-up in Seven Brothers; We grew the platform to 7000+ creators with over 50 million dollars in sales (on the Ethereum blockchain). We were acquired in 2022 to spearhead eBay Web3 strategy and help bring this innovation to a global audience.

Andy Gray in eBay's Manchester serviced workspace, a Colony Private Office.

What’s one of your favourite things about working in Manchester?

I came to Uni in Manchester over 30 years ago and have loved (and lived in) the city ever since. I prefer to come into Manchester to work as I like a nice lunch and see all the team. Occasionally I will pop out for a beer too; Manchester has world class pubs and restaurants.

What are some of the challenges facing your industry 2024?

We work in Web3 innovation in the tech sector. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are still misunderstood, we need clear regulatory frameworks quickly to allow the industry to evolve so we can use this amazing technology in day-to-day life.

eBay’s expansion in Manchester is exciting, what does this say about confidence in the industry and location?

We built our company in Manchester, it is clear that the region has world class talent, we are happy to grow here, and we have full confidence that Manchester is going from strength to strength.

The Manchester Skyline.

How do you expect the role of online marketplaces to evolve in the coming years, and what skills and expertise will be most valuable?

Online marketplaces and e-commerce changed the game. We all shop online in the internet age. Marketplaces will continue to evolve and as it is becoming apparent the key drivers will be Web3 and AI.

Given the requirements of your business, what made you choose to use a serviced workspace instead of a traditional office?

Serviced offices give us the ability to scale quickly and leverage the resources at hand. We are very happy to be in our new home with Colony!

What’s next for you, the team and the business?

We are planning, experimenting, and building here in Manchester and are looking forward to sharing these plans when the time is right!

eBay logo in their Colony Private Office.

We are proud to be supporting eBay in this exciting new chapter of their Web3 marketplace development.

Our Operations Director, Rebecca Cox said:

“We are delighted to be chosen by eBay as their workspace partner in Manchester. This partnership highlights the value of our flexible workspaces and underscores our commitment to providing exceptional workspace solutions to businesses of all sizes. We look forward to supporting eBay’s growth and success in Manchester and beyond,”

“The collaboration represents a significant milestone for both Colony and eBay, and we are excited about the opportunities it presents for mutual growth and success. As we continue to expand our presence in Manchester, we remain dedicated to empowering businesses of all sizes to thrive in today’s dynamic work environment.”

If you want to find out how we can help your business scale up in a flexible workspace, get in touch with us today -


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